Friday, June 6, 2008

Age is a State of Mind

This is NOT a cliché to those of you who know what I
mean - two of whom contacted the CHARLIE MIKE blog
recently. One of the first concepts you learn in SEAL
training is that body obeys the brain - sounds simple
doesn't it? I'm here to tell you it isn't - like most
things in life worth learning or having - it takes
practice, persistence and above all else, a positive
attitude. Ever wonder why folks who go swimming in
frigid waters without a wetsuit don't get hypothermia
when all the medical pundits say it should happen
within minutes? That's because these cold water
swimmers conditioned their mind to tell their body:
"swim through it - don't worry about the cold, I'm
going to send more blood to your vital organs to you
can continue to perform"....of course the first time
you enter frigid waters, your brain doesn't quite say
it like that or so politely - it's more like: "Holy
Sh&t - can't breathe - what the hell am I doing -
doctor say I'm going get hypothermia in minutes - I
think it's already happening - Ohhh my God I'm going
to die..." and so the logic goes - and where the mind
goes the body will follow.

So what's that got to do with Ted (62) and David (66)
who both recently posted discussing their
success with the Perfect Pushup?? Everything. Here are
two men that don't allow their birth age to affect
their biological age - they are effectively turning
back their age by taking charge of their minds and
their minds are telling their bodies what to do.

Yes, I know, we're all going to grow old and die.
Fine. But whoever said that at some age you should
just "take it easy" on yourself because you're "older"
now should be shot. That's the wrong attitude - that's
the attitude of someone who has given up on living.
Here's the cool part - there have been several studies
done over that last 2 decades of folks in their 80's
and 90's - doctors put them through 3 month body
weight training fitness programs...and guess what
happened? Every single one of them GREW muscle - their
muscles got stronger and larger! So, Ted, yes, we've
had many folks like yourself experience muscle
strength and size increases and significant weight
loss - some folks in their 80s...and you know what,
every single one of them has the same attitude - AGE

BRAVO ZULU to Ted (62) and David (66)!


P.S. Quick shout-out to Jacob, the 16 year-old wrestler
who recently posted to Charlie Mike: please shoot me an email at and put your name and sport in the
Subject line. I want to follow up with you offline. Ted, if
you're reading this postscript, could you also drop me a
line? Same format: name & age in the subject line. Thanks!

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RickP said...

Hi. I will be 61 in September. I started on the Perfect Pushup 3 week routine 18 weeks ago. My first max set was 9 pushups. At the end of the 6th cycle, my max set was 44. It is a great workout with consistent results. I totally agree with about the age issue. I feel younger now than I did 25 years ago and there's no question I'm in better shape now than I was then. And now because of the Perfect Pushup I know I can push myself physically in ways I didn't think were possible. The bottomline is you are old only if you consider yourself old.