Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What about doing PushUps from your Knees?

Alden Mills here, the creator of the Perfect Pushup. Let me be the first to tell you that more than your fair share of military fellas pump out plenty of pushups from their knees -- so in short -- DEFINITELY use the PERFECT PUSHUP from your knees if you start to get tired.

For some reason folks think that the moment you can't do a "full-body" pushup that the exercise is over - COMPLETELY ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY FALSE! Guys ~ Gals - you're just getting warmed up!! From your knees is where you can truly exhaust the muscles in your upper body - think negatives on a bench press - you can do negatives on the PERFECT PUSHUP too - that is lowering yourself slowly to the ground....add and make it work! ;-))

I use the PERFECT PUSHUP everyday and always end up on my knees to complete my workout. Now, you might not be able to do a full pushup right now, but as you get stronger, you can start doing "negatives" -- lowering yourself slowly to the floor in the full-body position (try a 5 second lower), then go to your knees ... whatever you do DON'T get frustrated, you're doing PERFECT PUSHUPs! They are much harder, but much better for you! Enjoy getting stronger!





Tymn2012 said...

Thank you for this idea!! I'm trying to work up to a complete run-through of your DVD and so far can barely make it through exercise #2! This opens up the real possibility that I can do this!! Thanks!


lw2348 said...

I just wanted to add to the "age is a state of mind". I started using the perfect pushup 2 months ago and have toned up nicely. Being 60 years old I think that says a lot. I bought the travel ones as I spend my life in a hotel on business. I can always crank out the pushups, even though a gym isn't near by or the hotel equipment doesn't measure up.