Thursday, May 15, 2008

How Do I Figure Out My Fitness Level?

Question: Steve from Tucson, AZ asked, "How do I figure out my fitness level when I first start using the Perfect Pushup?

Answer: Great question! Begin the entire program by determining your fitness level with a one set MAX. This means, using the PPU in Regular Position, do as many pushups as you can. Next move to the schedule to see what you need to do each day. The first day shows as you noted:

MAX Regular
1 Wide
1 Close

To conduct a one set Max - simply position your arms in the REGULAR Position - that is hands should be one hand width wider than your shoulders. Get into the pushup positions (see the Perfect Pushup checklist on the calendar or Power 10 workout cards for proper form). Now, push out as many Perfect Pushups as you can while rotating through the pushup movement - hands should rotate out on the way down, and rotate in on the way up. The moment you start losing your form STOP doing pushups and record the number you did.

Let's assume you were able to do 12 Perfect Pushups - 12 is your One Set Max. Now, take your one set max (12) and round to the nearest 10 - in this case 12 is closer to 10 than it is 20, so use 10 as your one set max fitness level on the PERFCT PUSHUP workout chart or Power 10 workout cards. Locate the "10" row on the workout chart and read from left to right to understand the number of reps required for each position - REGULAR, WIDE, and CLOSE.

In the case of the 10 row - REGULAR, WIDE, and CLOSE repetitions are: 8,6,4,2 - this means do 8 reps,followed by 6 reps, followed by 4 reps, followed by 2 reps in two minutes. Go to your knees if you have to, but do your ABSOLUTE best to complete all the reps in one two minute time period. Depending on your pace during the two minute drill - assuming you have time - you can drop to your knees and shake out your arms for a few seconds before attacking the next set of reps. Remember, you don't have to do all three two minute drills back to back - you can space them out throughout the day.

Post back to me on your progress!



Fitness Freak said...

Hi Charlie
My name is Therese
I am 14 and i am going to have my sweet fifteen in november. And I have to tone my bulging abs and flabby arms so I can fit into my dress. My dad bought the perfect pushup but I can barely do five after that I drop and my arms are so sore the day after. Well Thank you for any help.

douloschristos said...

This guide is perfect timing for me. I am 66 and just bought your Perfect Pushup Basic Kit. I've pumped out 12/13 on my first three attempts. Now, after reading your guide lines here, I am excited to see how I progress. I've been doing regular push ups each morning for the past 25 years but your handles have taken me to a new level. I was doing 40 regular but obviously back to the beginning with your handles.
Thanks for designing these.


jacob said...

hey charlie
my names jacob
i invested into your push up system a few months ago and they are awsome!!! i am a 16 year old high school wrestler so i need both strength stamina and endurance and these give me all of that. i have not exactly followed the workout plan but have found one that works very well. when i first got them my max was 25 and that was crazy how hard they were to me cause we normaly do from 250 to 300 pushups a practice. well i work out with them every other night and since then i now do 60 for a reg. set then 55 for a wide set and then 50 for a close set with only going to my knees to set the placement for the handles and about every two or three workouts my reps increase by about 5 and if they dont then i alwys push it to 5. my arms and chest have increased geatly in mass and have gained the stamina i need for my sport.i weigh right around 152 to 153 and my bench max is well over 100 pounds of my body weight.
i thank you for creating such a wonderfull product
your greatfull customer,

Jose Tavarez said...

Hey Mr. Mills,

My name is Jose. I am a 16 year old who has recently purchased the P.P.U. Travel Edition. I have just begun working out with them and wanted to ask a couple of questions: Would you rather recommend spacing the two minute drills throughout the day, or do them one after another? If you decide to do them one after another, how much rest do you recommend between sets. If you recommend spacing them, what times would you do them at / how many hours would you put between each set? How much rest do you recommend I take between repetitions in a set? I know that the amount of time you rest has to do with the amount of gain you receive in the end. So, I just wanted to know that. My last question is how effective is the Power Punch, which focuses on the biceps? I am going on a trip to Guatemala and will only have the P.P.U. Travel Edition to bulk me up this summer, and I want to attack the biceps as directly as possible in some way. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. I want to make the most gains as possible to aid me in my athletic career. You have created a great product and within a couple of months, people are going to see me as the Perfect Pushup's posterboy around here!!! And it will all be because of your help! Well, I am off to complete my second set! Please respond and help me in any way possible!

Your Future Posterboy,