Thursday, May 8, 2008

Top of the Perfect Pushup Food Chain - on to Second Phase!

Alex – BRAVO ZULU! That’s Navy speak for OUT-STAND-ING-JOB! Very very few folks have confided in me that they’ve reached the top of the Perfect Pushup food chain – nice work! Now that you’ve mastered FIRST PHASE, it’s time to introduce you to SECOND PHASE – we call it the 300 club – and the challenge is to see how few sets it will take you to get 300 pushups in 5 minutes. The best I’ve ever seen in SEAL Team is 2 sets, but mind you this was WITHOUT Perfect Pushups!

Now, to train for this you need to improve your muscular endurance (you’re going to have several dates with the Lactic Acid Queen – get used to dating the bitch!) while increasing your high repetition strength. Do this, try adding a weight vest to your current routines – don’t go too heavy, try 10 lbs at first – also, try doing a series of 30 pushups every minute for ten minutes. As you get stronger, ramp up the number of pushups while reducing the time – e.g. 40 pushups at 8 minutes, 50 pushups at 6 minutes, etc. Love the Froggy spirit you have – Remember: THE ONLY EASY DAY WAS YESTERDAY!


P.S. I absolutely agree with “Hot” – go check out – he’s one of my best swim-buddies and he’s one helluva of a trainer and coach!

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Unknown said...

Ha, way to make it appear ludicrously challenging yet do-able again :) I very much like that about the normal 3 week routine - it's both more than I would do on my own, and yet every little bit of it can be readily accomplished.