Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doing Chair Dips with the Perfect Pushup

Hot, you beat me to the punch! Dips was on the plan for June, but since you asked … AFFIRMATIVE – YOU CAN DO CHAIR DIPS with the Perfect Pushup and here’s how – I’m going to write the instructions out - I’ll have my web-team post photos of Perfect Pushup Chair Dips.

Dip Instructions:

1. Start by finding two STABLE chairs.

2. Place Perfect Pushups on the chairs in such a way that the width of the Perfect Pushups match your shoulder width – too wide and you’ll be placing undue strain on your elbows.

3. SLOWLY add your bodyweight to the Perfect Pushups to test the stability of the handles on the chairs (and to make sure the chairs are firmly fixed to the floor).

4. Stretch your legs out in front of you at angle with your heels touching the floor and your hands gripping the Perfect Pushups – palms facing backwards (behind you – that is if someone were standing behind you they would be able to see your palms).

5. Pull your navel to your spine and slowly lower yourself to the floor while your hands rotate 90 degrees to the point where your palms are now facing either side of your rib cage – lower yourself to the point where your elbows are forming 90 degree angles.

6. Press up from the down position exhaling as you come back to the start position while rotating your hands back to the same position as you started (palms facing behind you).

7. Get Fired UP and try to knockout 3 sets of 10 reps – as you get stronger go up in increments of 10!





Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sir and thank you for your heroism!

You have brilliant inventions! Doctors know that certain training techniques are wrong for the body and they don't tell anyone, so thanks for getting the job done!
I tried to explain to people how certain training movements like those in kettlebell training are wrong for how the body is designed, after a doctor told me, and they wouldn't listen, so f**k them!! :D

Keep the awesome stuff coming!

Cindi said...

Hi, just a heads up... the pictures below the text in this post are not of dips, but of angled pushups.

Are the pictures of the dips still coming? Thanks.

I love my PPU! My love of them has caused at least 3 people to go get their own pair. I'll be 46 this year and I'm a little, tiny speck of a woman. My son is 26 years old and I can out pushup him on the PPU!

Anonymous said...
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