Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rally time for the Beach Mission

Alright, now that the sun is coming out on a consistent basis and the weather's warming up, you need to have a serious "Come to Jesus" talk with yourself - are you ready to take your shirt off in public, i.e., on the beach, by a pool, in a bedroom??! Whatever your mission for OPERATION SIERRA OSCAR (Shirt Off) – girls, you have the same conundrum that the fellas do, you just don't HAVE to take it all off...so, are you ready??

If your answer is like most folks - the answer is “not yet”...and that's Okay - you've got time to work your winter coat off and add some tone to the mono-ab or jelly collecting under the arm...trust me, we've all been there.

So here's the deal, get your Perfect Pushups and ramp up your workouts by adding an Eight Count Bodybuilder to your routines. It’s included on our Basic Perfect Pushup DVD - the beauty of the Navy SEAL tried and true exercise is that it hits all the main (and minor) muscles of your body while also working your heart. If you have only ONE exercise to do in your day - DO THIS EXERCISE - it's eight movements in one and is by far the biggest bang for your exercise buck. Check it out on the eHow website.

For starters, just try 5-10 reps on your pushup days (before you do your other Perfect Pushup sets) - to get your heart rate up and the juices flowing...as you become more conditioned ramp the sets to 20-30 reps - should take you about 4 mins or less. Be warned, pay attention to your breathing, anaerobic threshold will catch up with you if you don't!

Enjoy the Lactic Acid burn, because you'll be ready before you know it for Operation SIERRA OSCAR!




Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Could you do dips, bench dips or any variation of dips using the Perfect Pushup handles? If so, what would be the correct starting position for your hands and what would be the correct directions to rotate them?


Unknown said...

Hello -

k, 8-count, good idea, thanks. I have just achieved the top of your perfect push-up food chain (50 in a row, mostly thanks to being very light). Where do I go next? Should I be doing much other exercise (the only other thing I do is running) to balance my exercise if I start adding more pushup numbers to your basic 3-week routine?


Anonymous said...

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