Sunday, April 6, 2008

It’s Spring! Play Ball with the Perfect Pushup!

Just attended the opening night game for the Oakland Athletics (home team) and the Boston Red Sox. The Sox won 2-1 but that's not the point - this was our first blitz into the professional sports world, challenging folks to come down to the field and conduct a Perfect Pushup competition. Though the actual on-field competition starts in three weeks, the sign-up sheets (Click Here to Sign-Up Online) are filled with folks of all ages - and that's the cool part! Inspiring people of all fitness levels and ages to TRY and SUCCEED on taking action with their bodies.

Baseball’s now in full swing and there's never a better time to work off your winter coat and turn on your strength. Even though we're using baseball as our most recent venue to encourage people to do Perfect Pushups, the fact is, pushups are an Outstanding form of exercise for any sport - think about it - you have to squat down to get into pushup position (this engages your legs/back and abs) - hold yourself in the upright or starting pushup position (this is a plank position in yoga or Pilates, and engage your arms/shoulders/abs/back and legs) - then you conduct the pushup (I call it the active plank - engages your triceps/chest/abs/shoulders - yes even your biceps - because of the rotation of the Perfect Pushup).

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic and Travis Buck of the Oakland A's both use the Perfect Pushup. It's great to have professional all-stars use our product to strengthen their game, but it's a helluva lot more satisfying when I receive stories from the "rest of us" regular folks taking control of their bodies in ways they never thought they could. For example, I received a note recently from a young lion - all of 14 yrs of age, and he wrote:

Subject: Perfect Pushups are awesome!

I just wanted to say that the Perfect Pushups have done a lot for me. I am 14yrs old and started two months ago. My bench max then was 115 now it is 160lbs. For 40 dollars I got a huge strength gain and every time I use the pushups I feel and look so pumped. I don’t think there is any faster way to gain than
with these pushups. Thank you.

P.S. Read what John S. said when I asked if I could Shout Out his success story!

I would love it if you would post my comment on I’m bench pressing 190 now =)

Now that FIRES ME UP!

Got a story like that? Send it in - I just might surprise you with something to keep your momentum Firing on all cylinders!

It's Spring folks - Get yourself FIRED UP - drop down and take control of your destiny!


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