Saturday, April 19, 2008

Deck of Cards: Playing your Perfect Pushup Hand

Great question from John about using a deck of shuffled cards to “Fire Up” a workout!

My name's John M. and I was inquiring about a good workout I could do using the Perfect Pushup. I've been doing them for a few weeks now, every other day and I've seen some results but I was wanting to target some problem areas in my chest to tone and shape it some and I was wondering if you could help? Any suggestions would be great. Currently I take a deck of playing cards and flip through them and do as many as I can. For example Ace = 11 King = 10 Queen = 10 Jack = 10 then 10, 9, 8 so on and so forth. I do that until I can't do anymore and I was wondering if it's possible I'm doing too much, not doing it right?
- John M.


Using a deck of shuffled cards is a great way to break up the boredom of working out while getting a great workout - I used to do it all the time in SEAL Team - and from time to time when traveling or bored from my current routine.

Here's a couple of ideas to keep your deck of cards workout interesting while ripping up your chest for an even better workout with the Perfect Pushups:

Spades: Wide position (see your PPU workout chart)
Hearts: Close position
Clubs: Regular position
Diamonds: Wide position but reverse the rotation (i.e. rotate out on the way down to the ground)

When you draw an Ace - conduct your set with your feet on a chair.

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Turn on your Strength!


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Kevin said...

i just read your blog, and your work out routine sounds awsome. I'm going home tonight to try it out.