Thursday, November 12, 2009

Breaking News from Marcus & Jim

Just in from Marcus Colburn! Like Alden says, you have to be ready for anything. GO 4 THE GUSTO HOOYAH!! Turns out that yesterday, when I went for a run, instead of going around a steep hill, I went for the downhill. Started jogging carefully down, got a little speed going -- OK, too much speed -- tripped on a root and found myself somersaulting to my face. Needless to say, I have fallen from higher than that before! As I got up, I assessed the damage. Just some dirt around my knees and some embarrassment. Easy day.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot I had heard a ((((((SNAP)))))! It seems I broke my arm in two. Went to the hospital -- they said, "You again?" I smiled as they x-rayed and put a cast on my arm. So I'm out of commission for a month but hey, I know I was going for it! I call it going above the call of duty :) Marcus Colburn

Marcus, Continue Mission and keep us posted!!

Jim, HOOYAH for sharing your fitness journey with Teammates, it will run on CHARLIE MIKE too but here's a sneak peek. Here's what I heard from the team: "Great stuff! There is definitely a strong interest in SEAL content among our audience. I'll make sure we promote this as much as possible. Thanks again."

Thank you Jim!


P.S. More teammate stories are coming -- like Max on fight or flight and the importance of being ready for any and all contingencies. Stay tuned! AMM

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Jim said...

Hello Marcus, how's that arm doing? Too bad you had such an accident while running.