Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jim's Fitness Journey Part 1

Guest blogger: Jim K of Thessaloniki

How does change come to ones life? I’d say it usually is due to an external stimulus which triggers a “special” mechanism in people’s minds or it could be due to the fact that the person is fed up with his/her current way of living.

Looking back to my childhood years I can remember that generally speaking I wasn’t into sports, except for some football. When we’d run as kids I’d be the first one to stop because I’d get out of breath. As a teen I had some extra kg due to my love for food. Yes, I’d eat huge quantities of pizza or whatever was in front of me on the table considering eating big as something really worthy! Although I wasn’t fat I had to keep on buying trousers of bigger size time after time because of my increasing waist’s diameter.

However, my aforementioned low performance on running comparing myself to the rest of kids had started bugging me and after a certain point I realized it’d have to be changed.

* First I told myself that I needed to lose some weight otherwise this ongoing weight increase wouldn’t lead to anywhere good. So I managed to convince myself that instead of eating 3 sandwiches in the evening 2 would be enough and then the 2 became 1, and so I did it and the difference of before and after became more evident.

* I’d also buy slightly tight fit clothes so as to force myself sticking to my goal of getting thinner, and yes it worked (I keep using this pattern even today and it works BIG!).

Part 2: The teenage years

Thanks Jim! Teammates, two great suggestions from Jim here -- post comments with your solutions and I'll fire them out on Twitter (@aldenmills).


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