Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How I Became "Shiny" and Strong

It may sound like a cliché but in January 2007, at 5’9”, I weighed 204 pounds. Today I weigh 177 pounds, and I’ve dropped 4 dress sizes. When I went to my 20 year High School reunion, I wore Size 14! I used to think of myself as the chipped cup in the china set and now I feel like a shiny new cup. And to think all of this started while working for Perfect Pushup and from only being able to do 3 pushups from my knees to now being able to do 500. I ride my bike to work and to church and I run around the office with my assistant … my journey for a new life has truly begun.

Flashback to 2003: For the last five years I have been trying to get pregnant. No doctor was able to help me and one even told me I was TOO FAT to get pregnant! I left his office in tears, shocked that a professional who was supposed to help me, humiliated me.

Two things happened to change the path I was on. On September 3rd, 2007, I started working for Perfect Pushup. In February 2008 I met the doctor who changed my life, Dr. Polypocket (a pseudonym). He did an ultrasound and found that my ovaries were covered in Cysts and were the size of large golf balls. Dr. Polypocket told me that it would be in my best interest to lose some weight and that I needed to bring down my blood pressure and cholesterol, all side-effects of the cysts. Thus began my journey …..

After I joined the Perfect Pushup family, I gradually increased the number of pushups I could do, but after my doctor’s appointment I really amped it up. On Aug 8, 2008, after losing 27 pounds, I went to see Dr. Polypocket again. I was now able to do hundreds of pushups in a single day and had changed my eating habits and lifestyle. The doctor did another ultrasound and said the cysts were the size of beans and that everything looked good for me to get pregnant! I felt so happy at this news.

You know, it feels good to be a shiny, unchipped cup.

Stacey R

p.s. Here’s a personal “snapshot” -- I am a fulltime employee of Perfect Pushup where I work with Robert Z, one of my best friends. He inspires me to be the best and most positive person I can be. I’m also a wife and mother of a 13 year-old step-son and a 6 year-old daughter. A balanced family life and friendships inspire me in my journey to become the person I want to be. Lastly, I am a Graduate student trying to get my Masters of Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from the California State University, Northridge. Stay tuned: this journey isn’t over.


Joni said...

You go girl!! Keep up the great work.

Robin said...

Awesome! Great choices bring great things! As Joni said, "Keep up the great work." You are inspiring!

John said...

You look great. I am so proud of you.

Up My Mind said...

Wonderful post! Keep up the great work. Stories like yours are what keep me feeling & thinking "I can do it too!"


Heidi said...

Very Inspiring Stacey!