Friday, September 26, 2008

How Has the Perfect Pushup or the Perfect Pullup changed your body?

Teammates – Tell us how Perfect Pushup and Perfect Pullup are changing your body at If you include pictures or videos then a Get Ripped t-shirt is yours.

We’re looking to hear from more folks like Laiya – your story doesn’t have to be as life-changing as hers – it’s about sharing your success so others may be inspired to succeed like you. I’m talking about Brooks from San Diego and his Perfect Pushup Challenge on YouTube.

Send us your story and we’ll run with it: from testimonials on our website and Charlie Mike to hooking you up with journalists who want to hear from regular users to sharing your favorite exercise tips. We’re all on the same TEAM here and your input is vital to everyone’s successful completion of their personal exercise mission.

Now go out there and Charlie Mike! I look forward to reading your stories!



Anonymous said...

Sir, I was told your chest has to hit the deck for it to count as a rep and to not lock out your elbows. What's the correct way?

Also, can you write anything about the Ab Straps to motivate me to use them now that I have them? For instance, could Alden Mills post a video of him using them or something? :D Thanks!

Alden Mills said...

Renegade – If you’re using the Perfect Pushup, then your chest does NOT need to touch the ground – it needs to be in line with the rotating handles, which are 4.5 inches off the deck. There’s been some confusion on this topic in years past so we’re taking care of it next month with the introduction of the Perfect Counter – a device that accurately counts and times your pushups. We’ll keep you posted on the CHARLIE MIKE blog when it first launches.

Regarding Ab-straps – we’ll get a video out to you shortly on how to use it and more importantly to keep all our teammates FIRED UP!

Meanwhile, try to knock out 10 knee-ups followed by 10 pushups for 10 minutes – let me know how it goes! (that’s a total of 100 knee-up and 100 pushups – but you’ve got to do it in 10 minutes!).