Sunday, September 7, 2008

When is the Right Time for Power 10 Exercises?

Charlie Mike reader Brian S asked how to go to the next level with the Perfect Pushup after following the 21 day schedule: "After the 21st day what should I do? Do I restart from day 1 or is there a continuing progressive programme that I can follow. Please help me out, I need some direction here."


BRIAN - Fired Up to hear that you're lovin' your PPUs - join the club amigo! It's time for the Power 10 Workout ... edited to answer Ted R's question: "What is the Power 10 Workout"?: it's a DVD with ten challenging new pushup exercises -- derived from SEAL drills, Yoga, pushups + calisthenics. Check it out if you want some variety and to amp up your aerobic workout.

I wanted to take a moment to answer your question because it's an important one that hasn't been asked when do you start incorporating the Power 10 moves?? There's no right answer, because you could start immediately with a couple of the exercises (such as Mountain Climbers and the Super Slow series)...but my belief is after you can do 10 Perfect Pushups you're ready to start trying all the exercises. Spending time strengthening your shoulders (and rotator cuffs) is essential before attempting the more complex exercises found in the follow-on Power 10 DVDs. Most fellas have spent a fair amount of time doing conventional pushups or bench presses - good exercises, but they're not completely functional because they don't enable your arms to conduct the full natural rotation. So it's important to spend at least three workouts (assuming they are full body PERFECT PUSHUPS) getting used to the rotation before attempting the Power 10 exercises.

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Anonymous said...

I am questioning if I should start the Power Ten Exercises yet after completing the 21 day workout at a 10 rep max set to start. I had shoulder problems in the beginning, but now I can complete my sets without pain. Should I do the 21 day workout again at a higher max or go into the Power Ten Exercises?

Energy_Zebra said...

The next step after the 21 day start in my opinion would be to goto the power 10. Do 10 workouts like the 21 day then retest your max then go back to the and follow the first workout. Thats what I'm doing. I just finished my 1st 21 day set. BTW first max 13 ten workouts later 25 and I just got the Perfect Pullup.