Monday, December 15, 2008

Plan Your Dive/Dive Your Plan in December!

The holidays are here -- than means more opportunity for binge eating on useless fat-creating calories. I love sweets more than anyone I know, but you need to keep things in moderation. If you have established your routine and understand "your enemy within" then you'll be absolutely fine during the holidays have to have a plan to burn the extra calories you decide to eat.

Dare yourselves to try one week of exercise scheduling. Sit down in the next 24 hours and write down a schedule for yourself and follow it ... a couple of hints ... morning exercise will energize you for the rest of the day. During this busy time of year, challenge yourself to plan your exercise: 10 minutes a day with the Perfect Pushup is one option. As we say in SEAL Team -- plan your dive, then dive your plan.

Go to the Perfect Pushup YouTube channel for a Fired Up Kick Start to keeping on track with your exercise and diet goals for this holiday season.



the healthy fit mom said...

This was a helpful post for me because it has been absolutely crazy this holiday season. And while there are always extra goodies around during the holidays, that's something that's easier to avoid than trying to get in a workout when your kids are all at home. And as much as I'd like to consider three kids at home a workout in itself, I know it doesn't really count.

So - the plan - I appreciate the reminder that I'll just have to wait until after the holidays to freeze my childcare account at the gym. Another plus to taking all the kids to the gym --- they're not home to mess up the house.

Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

My ex-boyfriend (we remain good friends) keeps dropping hints about wanting the Perfect Push Up for Christmas - and I finally got it for him. I wanted to get him something more material, like a cashmere sweater or a leather messenger bag - but he's currently going to school and training to be an Army officer and I realized that he doesn't need those things. The Perfect Push Up would be of more use and value to him. Personally, I've never tried it, but his Army buddies swear by it, so I'll probably test his out before I buy myself one :) ! You've got a ton of fans in the military.

Anonymous said...

"plan your dive, then dive your plan."
Love it.
Planning my dive: going out on a ship in 100-foot waves like in the movie "The Perfect Storm" would be awesome and then plan to never come back.

Lisa A said...

Perfect timing Alden, I had just hit one of my bi~yearly take a couple of weeks off working out. It's not intentional and I was wildly busy wiht holiday preparations and just let my workouts slip.

So I appreciate that if I don't want that to happen this week, I plan my dive :) I recently read that the #1 thing most Americans want for Christmas is to be less stressed for the holidays! I know I was feeling the pressure last week so no more skipping for me.

Hi Barbie,
I feel for you! If you meant your comment about never coming back you need to talk to somebody who CAN help you! If you're just joking around what's the point of the comments you've been making ?

Anonymous said...

The point is the plan is to dive off the ship to the bottom of the ocean without scuba gear and never come back up.

Lisa A said...

Hey Barbie,

My heart goes out to you. I can't know your pain, but I do know that if you call 1-800-273-8255 somebody with some experience would be happy to help you. I encourage you to call, life is precious, and that includes yours!

Anonymous said...

They encouraged me to do it! Thanks!

Up My Mind said...
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Up My Mind said...

Ooops...posted before I was done!

Hey Alden. Thanks for reminder.

I'm currently visiting my sister the exercise-a-holic for 2 weeks.

Plan: 2-week pass to her gym & go exercising with her.

And I'm diving it! Did a 60 minute weight/exercise class today. It was a tough class, but your 60 minute BodyRev BootCamp is better, and easier on my hip joints. :)

And thanks to the Perfect PushUp I could hold my own when we got to that part of the class.

Here's to Diving The Plan!

Happy Holidays and THANKS.


Joe G. said...

Later, dudes. Talk to you after Christmas. I get to spend some time with my beloved mother-in-law in Central Florida. Or is there a volunteer to substitute for me?

You guys continue to inspire us all. I haven’t been this fit in 20 years.

With regard to holiday eating, think of it as SEAL training. Marcus Luttrell describes it so well in his (already) classic book about Operation Redwing. Think in terms of the next MOMENT. Avoid the evil ice cream and its cohorts (cookies, etc.) RIGHT NOW!

You think I’m kidding? I am not. You want pleasure? Eat a piece of dark chocolate and savor a glass of Merlot.

Anonymous said...

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