Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Now drop down - Push'em out, then stand up and Pull'em Up, because this is YOUR year - seriously, it's up to you - YOU DEFINE 2009...No one else defines your year unless you decide to accept someone's definition...and the only definition I encourage you to accept is this: This year is 100% up to YOU. I mean this with every Fired UP molecule in my body - your questions/comments led me to write The PERFECT PROMISE, which describes how I approach life and Team PERFECT (to me - they are one and the same).

I'm splitting the PERFECT PROMISE into seven installments to make it as easy to digest as possible. It's personal - it's heavy and not easy, but it works, and I hope it'll Fire YOU UP to live the life you define - not the life that others will attempt to define for you.

This is your year - it's your life - make the most of it!



Unknown said...

Happy New Year Mike. I have to tell you, I'm stoked! I've had the Perfect Pushup for 3 weeks, the Perfect Pullup for 1 week, and the Abs Attachment for 1 day - I can ALREADY SEE A DIFFERENCE. Thanks for the great tools!

Joe G. said...

Happy New Year, everybody. Thanks for the inspiration.