Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Perfect Promise

I promise you: If you take control of your Body, you can take control of your Life.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Perhaps even too good to be true –– let me assure you –– it works. This wasn’t a revelation that came to me overnight or from some self-help books or from time in a classroom. No, this principle took me 25 years to understand. I experienced it first-hand while learning to row competitively (as an asthmatic); while learning to succeed as a Platoon Commander in the US Navy SEAL Teams, and as an entrepreneur, learning to build a company with a higher purpose.

Each time the goal was different, but the building blocks for success were the same. Nowhere was it more clearly spelled out for me than in SEAL Team. Though SEAL training isn’t for everyone, the lessons learned can be helpful to everyone who’s on a mission to get the most out of life. At the heart of the lessons learned is what I call The PERFECT Promise –– our company’s guarantee if you will –– it’s the reason we’re in business –– it’s what kept us going when others urged us to quit –– it’s our team’s moral compass and it’s what keeps US Fired UP!

The PERFECT Promise shows you how to control the three things in life that you can control. You can’t control the laws of nature, nor can you control the nature of others, but what you can control influences outcomes in your life. The choice to live the life you dream is yours when you take charge of your Brain, Body and Attitude. Learn to control these three, and your only limitations will be the ones you choose.

While this choice will challenge your resolve –– and it should! –– living it is unimaginably rewarding. I am Fired UP to share this understanding with all who celebrate life as a gift and feel no shame in getting the absolute most out of it. Our company, PERFECT FITNESS, is on a mission to serve everyone who desires a life lived to the fullest extent of their imagination –– to serve those who realize that’s the point of living –– anything less, and we haven’t truly lived.


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Alden, long time no see....believe last time was Athens...gimme a shout back.

Sandy Pidgeon