Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Perfect Promise: Part IV Your Body

The PERFECT Promise makes you Master and Commander of your Brain, Body, and Attitude.

BODY: Your Body partners with the purpose of your Brain, serving as its home. The mission of the Body is to be a life support system for your Brain –– to feed, protect, and supply input to your consciousness. Its three components are your Cardio Vascular, Muscular/Skeletal, and Central Nervous Systems. These systems are completely dependent upon each other to ensure optimal Brain functionality. How well they operate determines how well you perform.

Here’s a brief definition of each one as it relates to Brain performance:

1. Cardio Vascular System: this is your heart, lungs and the piping (arteries, veins, and lymph system) that conducts nutrients and oxygen to the Lungs, Brain and to all the other organs that support the performance of Brain and Body function.

2. Muscular/Skeletal System: this system is comprised of more than 200 bones and 650 muscles that work together to create movement as directed by your Brain.

3. Central Nervous System: this is your sensory system that maintains and monitors sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, and its electrical wiring (nerves) that provides input to your Brain, enabling your Brain to act or react.

You need these three systems for your Brain to experience anything in life. If your Body isn’t trained to use its lungs, muscles and nerves –– e.g. run or swim or hike –– then experiencing your first 10K, snorkeling in crystal blue waters or seeing the world from a summit you’ve climbed, will be lost as inputs to your Brain. This, in turn, influences how much of your dreams you can live, what level of satisfaction you experience and what limitations you chose as your own.

I promise you: If you take control of your Body, you can take control of your Life.


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