Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Perfect Promise: Part III Master and Commander

The PERFECT Promise makes you Master and Commander of your Brain, Body, and Attitude. The key is the understanding that, by taking charge of them, you can create your destiny –– you can literally make your dreams into your reality. Succeeding in small things begets success in big ones, and the simplest way to begin your journey of success is to succeed at being in charge of yourself. Once you learn to direct your Body by using how your Body moves naturally to lose weight, build muscle and gain strength, you will unleash powerful physiological forces that will fuel your Brain and Attitude with positive momentum and start the attraction of other positive forces toward you.

Let’s focus on the relationship between your Brain, Body and Attitude and how each one is dependent upon the other. By understanding this relationship, you’ll see that If you take control of your Body, you can take control of your Life.


BRAIN: When we say your Brain, we mean the organ that is your cerebral cortex and all its neural synapses that comprise your consciousness. Your Brain is your own personal computer –– it is both limited and limitless: it is limited by the input you allow it to accept and limitless in what you enable it to compute. And like a computer, it requires energy to run its processors. If the energy it receives is insufficient or inferior, then the brain slows its processors down to conserve energy and prioritize the most vital functions –– such as breathing and keeping your heart beating –– to preserve baseline existence.

But the better the energy, the more robust the processing power. Your Brain is always functioning –– collecting, cataloging, and synthesizing data –– comparing and contrasting it with what you’ve told it and what it’s learning. This is important –– CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to understand –– your Brain is only as powerful as the input it’s given. Your Brain only knows the boundaries and limitations that you accept. You decide if you want your Brain to adopt someone else’s limitations. You decide whether input is fact or fiction. You decide what your Brain accepts or rejects, because YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR BRAIN.


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