Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Perfect Promise Part II: Team PERFECT

Consider this your personal invitation to join our Team. The door is wide open for all of you who are ready to dream without limitation and to live without regret or excuse ––we welcome you with open arms!

For those of you who have allowed fear of failure (or fear of success!) to make a home in your soul and build boundaries of things you think you can’t achieve, and for those of you whose spirit is poisoned by negative attitudes –– WE HAVE BEEN THERE - - we know how it feels.

Understand this: you are the ONLY ONE who can change and cast off these shackles of limitation and turn your life into what you want it to be –– we cannot do it for you. If you agree that fear of change is a poor substitute for pursuing your dreams, then this can be the first step in your journey –– and until you do step forward, you will be a prisoner within yourself, a shipwrecked spirit without rudder or compass, subject to the winds of your own self-imposed limitations… or even worse, the limitations of others.

This is not a recipe for overnight success –– this is a chart on which you can plot your progress as you travel a life-long voyage of succeeding, because this journey is the destination. Actively applying The PERFECT Promise to your life will teach you that luck favors the prepared –– that sweat opens the gates of excellence –– that the mother of perfection is commitment –– that the greatest power is perseverance –– and that the support of your team is exponentially more powerful than any opposing group of individuals.

You have nothing to lose but your own self-imposed limitations, and you can gain anything you dare to imagine. We believe that by sharing our understanding with you, you can become as passionate about your potential as we are –– this is how we are teammates to all, teachers to some and students of others. We know of no greater reward in life than helping others unlock their success and achieve their dreams.

I promise you: If you take control of your Body, you can take control of your Life.



Lisa A said...

Just wanted to say I'm enjoying the Perfect Promise blogs. My son and I are reading them together. I'm grateful for your example of a living a limitless life. Sometimes we impose limits without even realising we are doing so.
Besides the fact that it makes my life so much more interesting and enjoyable it also provides an excellent example to my son.

My son has special needs and while we understand accomodating if necessary we don't want to limit his potential in any way! And as they say children learn what they see. So thanks for your part in making me remove limitations from my life and be a great example for my son :)

Joe G. said...

Last night I was watching the History Channel, which has been running a series about the seven deadly sins. (I'm a practicing Catholic so it caught my interest.) The featured sin last night was sloth, commonly referred to as laziness in our modern world. But while sloth is looked on as a minor character flaw in our sophisticated world, years ago it was considered seriously evil – deadly serious.