Monday, January 26, 2009

Mixed Martial Arts fighter Donald Sanchez on the Perfect Pullup

Guest blogger: Donald Sanchez

The Perfect PullUp has been an awesome addition to my training. During the training for my recent fight my number of pull ups improved by ten reps and I've never felt as strong walking into the cage.

Training is basically an art of its own in which you have to balance mastering skills & techniques with strength & conditioning while at the same time focusing on a game plan and being mentally prepared. The Perfect Pullup has helped a lot with my physical training: I became addicted to the Perfect Pullup within minutes of installing it.

Here's a heads-up to Charlie Mike Teammates: on February 26th I'll be fighting Joe Boxer at the San Manuel Casino for the King of the Cage crown -- it will be on PayPerView in March.

Donald Sanchez is a KOTC and MFC top ranked lightweight contender 16-7-0.

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