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"Eight Days A Week" Doing Pushups

Blogger: Alden Mills -- answering Dave's question about Pushups

My question is about doing regular push-ups on the days that would normally be the off days of your program. I am in a self defense program, and we usually begin each class with vigorous exercise, which can include up to, say 80-100 regular style pushups on the floor. My classes are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, which unfortunately cannot coincide with your day on/day off program. Since I do not have the capacity to change the world's 7 day week to an 8 day week, I need to know what the best way to work these two schedules together.

Is it best to try to arrange regular floor style pushups on the days that I am also doing the Max program for the Perfect Pushup, or on the off days? If I cannot arrange for this, would it be better to arrange for an extra day of rest in order to have the Perfect Pushup program coincide with my regular life?

I hope you have advice on this, and I'm sure there are other people that are in the same situation. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

David O, age 48, southern California

David – good question about integrating regular pushups with Perfect Pushups (PPUs). Thanks for letting me share it with my Charlie Mike Teammates. I’m assuming you cannot bring the PPUs to your Mon/Wed/Thur classes (I would encourage you do so – others have and their Dojos have loved them – but I realize it’s not for everyone). The most important thing for you is appreciating what feels best for YOU. I would caution you not to overwork your muscles, but it’s your call in the end.

Try this and let me know how it goes: Mon/Wed/Thur – do your classes as is; Tues – conduct one set negatives of each of the three positions (Regular/Wide/Close), the negative I’m referring to is lowering your body to floor at a five second count – if that’s not enough then try 7 or 10 second counts; take Friday off from pushups but conduct Pullups to exhaustion instead – Saturday conduct your regular PPU routine – Sunday have fun – then Kick Ass again the following week.



John said...

I have a question about the perfect pushup. I am currently 37 years old and trying to get into the Army National guard. I was active duty back during Desert Storm. I am very bad at pushups. I lift weights 6 times a week after work and I do the perfect pushup routine in the morning on Monday, wednesday, and Friday. What will improve my pushups more, using the perfect pushup or just doing regular pushups. I do not do the perfect pushup on the weekends so I give my muscles time to rest. I do lift on saturdays.


Alden Mills said...

John -- First of all congrats on going back to serve this great country a second time - HOOYAH!

Short answer: Perfect pushups will help you do "regular" pushups better so keep doing what you're doing. The key is making sure you're doing two things: 1. Follow the perfect pushup plan (it's designed to help you crush the military PT test - make sure you test yourself - 2 min test - every 21 days.; 2. Make sure you're not cheating yourself on the reps - go ALL the way down - to this point that's why we created the Perfect Counter. Because you're manning-up for a second tour of duty it would be my honor to send you a Perfect Counter to help you succeed in your latest mission.

Just send me your address ( and we'll get one out to you ASAP. Let me know how your mission goes -


Joe G. said...

John, here is some unsolicited advice from a an athletic 49-year-old medical device salesman:


The average American is fat because the average American diet is trash.

Read this:

My final comment is if you have to have beer, wine, scotch, bourbon, whatever, stay away from refined sugar (soda pop, "power bars" which are actually candy bars, desserts, etc.)

Stay away from all desserts, for that matter. Just say no.

Sugar or alcohol. You cannot have both. Either one in excess will make you a fat tub of goo, because they represent EMPTY calories, and empty calories turn into fat.

Thank you for serving our country.

Good luck!

John said...

Joe G.,
Thanks for the advice and you are absolutely correct. You can lose some weight with exercise but you do not lose much FAT without the proper diet and exercise. I have lost over 85 lbs and 5 years and over 15 inches on my waist alone. I am now adding inches to my arms, chest, and legs. It has been a long battle. Mother-nature continues to remind me I am not 18 any more. I am on a very strict diet, 50% lean protein, 20% complex carbs, 30% essential fats, OLive oil, etc...


John said...

You can join any branch of the service you want. Weak is in the mind, strength is in the heart. If you want it you can do it. I had become a disgusting fat body by being lazy. I weighed 335 and was ashamed to see my self in a picture. I know weigh 250 and like to see my self in a picture. Exercise and eating right is all it takes.

Also, I did not vote for Obama but the country spoke and he won. Let's give him a chance and see how bad he does. It is democracy at it's finest and a lot of people have for and died for it.

Go Navy,

John said...
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Anonymous said...

John, that's awesome job you accomplished! Congratulations! Thanks for your patience. I'm trying to send it.

Joe G. said...

Okay, we just got back from a nice Italian restaurant where I ate (in no particular order):

1 - Stuffed Grouper w/ an amazing Chardonnay wine sauce
2 - Fresh white bread (not special; definitely fresh, though, and damn good when you have an appetite
3 - House salad w/ house dressing (Italian family recipe)
4 - Side order of spaghetti, and we're not talking regular spaghetti; we're talking about unbelievably awesome Italian family-made spaghetti
5 - Two martinis
6 - Half of my wife's dessert, which was some kind of apple strudel
Total calories: Approx. 1,800

Have a lovely weekend, y'all.

- Joe the Hypocrite

Anonymous said...

John said...

I have another question. due to illness I was unable to do the perfect pushup on Monday or even tuesday this week. I was also unable to do it on Wednesday because it would line up with my heavy chest and tricep day as well and the trainer at the gym does not want them on the same day. So basically I have mised this entire week. Do I need to start the 21 day program over or just pickup where I left off on Monday.


Tim Grizzell said...

Hello John:

As I discussed on CHARLIE MIKE today (“Making Time for Fitness”), we all miss workouts once in awhile. Missing a week is no big deal. In this case, I would just pick up where you left off. Given that you were in the gym today doing a heavy chest and tricep workout, you are getting in a workout. My advice would be different if you were missing a couple weeks or more.

Fired Up!