Monday, January 5, 2009

The Perfect Promise Part VI: The Connection

The MOST IMPORTANT thing to understand is that the strength of your Attitude is directly dependent upon the health of your Brain and your Body. Attitude feeds off of them – it derives its positive or negative energy from the vitality of your physical being, or lack of it.

Therefore, If you take control of your Body, you can take control of your Life! This means you are deciding the direction of your life and how you want to live it. This connection is what gets us so motivated to create the PERFECT FITNESS products. We realize that once you achieve success by taking control of your body, the positive Attitude you create for yourself will fortify your confidence in your Brain to dream greater and greater goals for you to accomplish. Team PERFECT’s mission is to help you succeed at every stage of your journey of taking control of your body… and if we can provide you a little motivation along the way, then that’s even better!

We believe the fastest and most successful method for taking control of your body is through natural movement –– that is, exercise that comes from the way your body moves naturally. No matter what the exercise, your body responds best when you are exercising with it not against it. And when you perform natural movements, your body responds by engaging more muscles which means increased blood flow and more calories burned. This means better results, faster –– and we call this Functional Fitness. The hidden benefit is this feels better because there is less strain on your joints… and when something feels good, we humans tend to stick with it!

This is why we’re so passionate about what we do. Natural Movement represents the first step in optimally engaging all three of your Body’s systems and this engagement can become a self-perpetuating success cycle –– the more you move your body naturally, the better it fuels your Brain and powers your Attitude.

When this happens, you gain the confidence to try new things –– to strive for bigger goals –– to DREAM. And guess what happens when you succeed? Your success Fires UP your Attitude to challenge your Brain to dream up bigger goals, and when these bigger goals are accomplished, your positive Attitude fuels your confidence to keep the momentum of your success cycle moving in any direction you choose.

This cycle is what fuels us to create the PERFECT products. If we can make the fundamental movements of fitness as efficient, effective and comfortable as absolutely possible, then we believe we’ll be helping inspire people to not only look and feel great, but we will be helping folks do great things – and that really FIRES US UP!



Anonymous said...

I just purchased perfect pullup and I cannot wait to try it out. I am a 26 year old mother of three. I am a janitor/maintenance worker at night and a college student by day. I have attempted excersise programs that require alot of brainwork and/or feminine agility and tetious balance and none have provided for my needs. I saw the perfect pullup on television and I have high hopes! The movements are natural - like lifting a 40lb baby off the ground or walking 3 miles with backpack or stacking 12 chairs above your head! It also allows for aggression in the workout process which helps me tremendously as an outlet for any negative energy. Thanks for allowing me to ramble. Liz

Anonymous said...

Feel free to come here and vent. I know I do!