Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Perfect Promise: Part V Your Attitude

ATTITUDE: Your Attitude is what makes you, uniquely you. Some call this your “Thoughts” or “Feelings” or “Beliefs.” In SEAL Team, they call it “Fire in the Gut.” We call it Attitude, because when you believe something is true, it is functionally true for you –– nothing else matters. Attitude is your desire that convinces your analytic Brain to override the Body’s supposed limitations when it would otherwise quit but instead decides to keep on going. It can be your most powerful accelerator, propelling you to succeed against all odds or it can cause you to hit the brakes and quit the race before it even starts.

Your collective consciousness is comprised of your daily thoughts, your analytic and creative horsepower (enabling planning and completion of tasks throughout every millisecond of the day) and your subconscious (busy building your dreams while you’re asleep). Everyone knows “You are what you eat” but how many take full advantage of what Buddha said best, “You are what you think.” The key is appreciating that what you think about is what you are. And the health of your Attitude is dependent upon what you choose to believe. Attitude is the fuel for the fire in your gut.

Attitude can be your secret weapon for success or arrange your date with disaster. Attitude defines who you are, and quite literally, what you attract. Positive Attitude will attract more positives in your life, while a negative Attitude is the delivery system for defeat and failure.

We’re born with neither positive nor negative Attitude: we’re born with the ability to choose.

Lesson Learned #1: The Body obeys the Brain; the Brain accepts what Attitude decides is possible; and Attitude determines your success or failure, because Attitude is what powers your persistence to pursue your dreams.

Lesson Learned #2: However powerfully positive or negatingly negative your Attitude is, you’re always right! Whether you “Can,” or you “Can’t,” you’re correct –– it’s your own custom-tailored, self-fulfilling destiny.

Lesson Learned #3: Your perspective on life is the foundation for your Attitude. View life as a gift to be lived to the fullest extent of your imagination and you will get the most out of it. View life as a chore, then you will see only problems, and miss all the opportunities.


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Joe G. said...

This is gold. Thanks, Alden!