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Work Out with SEAL Stew Smith's PT Group

Guest blogger: Stew Smith CSCS

An aspiring SEAL asked: I am currently training in order to go to BUD/S. I picked up your Perfect Pullup and have been using it a lot but am unsure as to where I should be at physically in relation to the Perfect Pullup and what some good workouts would be to really get the training and muscle growth that I need to be more successful at BUD/S. I was just wondering how do you become a Navy SEAL?

Good question - You need to be able to perform the SEAL PST well and should feel like you could do it again. In fact, my SEAL wanna-be's and I frequently do a double PST = that means:

500 yd swim
pushups - 2:00
situps - 2:00
pullups - max reps
1.5 mile run

Then we do it again...once you get to that zone and can do sets of 80-100 pushups and 20+ pullups you are there but your runs and swims have to be fast too. See Top Ten BUD/S Things You Need to Know Article below:

Some say it takes lifetime of preparation to become a Navy SEAL - I recommend young guys to get involved with:

1. Team Sports - it helps to know what it means to be a team player - working together with a group of people to accomplish a goal / mission...

2. Fitness - yes you need to be fit - getting to a high level of physical fitness will also enable you to grow mentally tough as well. It is tough to go to failure on sets and run so hard you feel ill afterwards. Sometimes it takes getting over these physical hurdles by mentally willing yourself through them...

3. Grades - you have to be smart - many enlisted SEALs are college grads, know a language, logical and analytical thinkers, some are very creative as well.

4. Talk to a recruiter either officer or enlisted recruiter - you can enlist after high school or go officer after college via ROTC, OCS, or USNA - if you do not know these acronyms - then do some research.

5. - Finally - read www.stewsmith.com/linkpages/toptenBUDS.htm - it is the Top Ten Things you Should Know Before BUD/S...

Stew Smith CSCS

FREE WORKOUTS IN MARYLAND - If your travels bring you near Annapolis or Baltimore MD, come join our PT group. We PT, Run, Swim 5-6 days a week usually in the morning during the week and in the afternoon on weekends. We use running, swimming, Perfect Pushups and Perfect Pullups...


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