Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Does It Take To Make It As A SEAL?

Guest Blogger: Tom Rancich

oklanannie said... What guidance, encouragement or suggestions would you make to a young man with the goal of becoming a Navy SEAL? He is in his junior year of college, an excellent student, 4-year swim team member and an all around top-notch young man. What criteria is the Navy looking for - i.e., what does it take to make it as a SEAL?

Stay away from drugs and stupidity—to include excessive drinking, i.e. keep healthy. Then, really consider what a SEAL is—look for the "creed" to be posted in my answer later to Joe G's question—read a few books (Commandos, Brave Men Dark Waters, The Finishing School, Not a Good Day to Die).

Then, after college, join the Navy as an enlisted man. This is important as assuming your eyesight etc. is good (recruiter can tell you) you are guaranteed to be able to go to BUDS. Officers do not get that consideration and the competition for slots as BUDS is too competitive---in that, everyone trying is of such high quality that it becomes almost random selection---Like a 1 in 500 chance---but by then you are already committed to the Navy---so if you truly want to be a SEAL, your best chance is to enlisted—get a shot at BUDS—then try for a commission after a few tours---that is a better career path anyway (wish I had done it that way).

And there is only one key to making it through BUDS---do not quit!

Lt. Commander Thomas Rancich, US Navy SEAL (Ret.) is the co-founder of VRHabilis, a disabled veteran-owned small business that seeks to employ the highly trained and motivated veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for work in construction and related fields. Rancich and co-founder Elliott Adler are pioneering the concept of using adaptive technology to bridge the gap between industrial and medical technology. Their company contributes proceeds to two worthy causes: a fund for the development of adaptive technology that will allow disabled veterans to pursue their desired career path and the EOD Wounded Warrior Fund.

Through his consulting firm, Off-Shore Consulting, Tom provides professional advice on leadership and team building, often as a motivational speaker, in addition to being an expert consultant to the entertainment industry.

Alden Mills and Charlie Mike blogger Tom Rancich served together in the Teams.

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