Monday, February 8, 2010

Wicked Awesome 100 Rep Workout

Hey Team, Marcus Colburn, aka Mojo Frog here, your "Perfect" charge' d' affaire and I've got a killer tip that you can use to help you get wicked awesome results from your perfect products! Check out The Perfect Wicked Awesome Killer 100 Rep Workout!

I'll make it simple for you as I know how confusing all this figuring out the correct tabulations can be (at least for me as I'm just a gym rat)

Keep working your way up till you can get 100 reps of everything. Now this may be quite a chore but it's do-able.

• Keep your numbers low at first like 5-10 reps & do them on everything: pushups, dips, situps, pullups, & squats with no weight & you can even use the pullup bar at a waist level to aid you in the squats at first.

• Then keep a log on what your rep count was even if it's 4. IT'S ALL GOOD! Just work it baby...

• Stretch when you get done with each body part worked & release myofibril tissue to allow strength to increase. This will give you the rest time in between sets. You have so many combos & "perfect exercises" to choose from that it's astonishing or in my case dumbfounding!

You will not have to worry about where that workout deck of cards is or if you might have misplaced a few. All you need is your "wicked awesome perfect log note book” in order to track your progress, along with your very Own Customized Training & Nutrition Program!



Joe G. said...

Can you feel your mojo coming back? Back to basics, Teammates! Hooyah!

AKO said...

Great workout Mojo. we may be using it in an upcoming challenge. keep the stellar workouts coming!!!


Jerry said...

That looks like that would hurt. What's the pain on a scale of 1-10?
Keep up the good work!