Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to Lose Your Love-Handles

Teammates, whatever you call it -- love handles, muffin top, Molson muscle or spare tire, men and women everywhere are trying to lose abdominal fat. Just got this great set of questions: I have bought your product and started using: it is a great workout. I am also trying to lose my “love-handles”. I know this will work some of those muscles but can you suggest another exercise to target mid section? Not looking for another tool, just a suggestion of sit-ups etc.

Also I have heard that sit-ups may not actually do any good. What is your opinion? If crunches are a better option please instruct on a basic exercise I can work into my routine. I run three times a week but I still seem to keep an extra 10 pounds just above my waist.

Jacob – thanks for your questions! Here are 2 things to think about while you attack your lose 10lbs mission:
1. You can spot tone but not spot reduce – that is to say the muscles you work will get stronger and more toned depending on the intensity, frequency and amount of resistance you place on them; HOWEVER, your body does not burn fat in the area you’re working on – example, just because you do crunches doesn’t mean you burn fat in your abs – your body will burn fat from whatever it decides. So every time you exercise know that you’re getting stronger and certainly more toned, and yes, you’re burning fat but it is not where you might expect to burn it (scientists still don’t have a solution to which fat gets burned first and why).

2. I’m not a fan of traditional Situps – I’m a fan of conducting what I call an Atomic Crunch: hands on your ears, curl your upper torso 30 degrees off the floor while simultaneously lifting your bent knees to your nipples on your chest – do both at the same time and you’ll find that your lower back is supported, your upper abs will scream while your all important lower abs will be activated and eventually tighten (helping you get into a smaller pair of pants while strengthening your core). For further intensity, conduct these Atomic Crunches with “bicycling” your legs – that is alternating left knee to right elbow, then right knee to left elbow.

Stay tuned for Part III: focusing on Output and Input to lose 10 lbs. Most importantly, don’t you dare ever give up! Stay Fired UP and let me know how it goes!


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AKO said...

Scientists may not have broken down from where fat gets attacked first, but they have come to a consensus that with most people, the abdominal fat gets reduced last.

Jim said...

100% true as always Alden.

The atomic crunch is a killer.

Regular cardio but mainly PROPER NUTRITION (I'm not using the term "diet") help reduce "love handles".

"We are what we eat".

lincolnb said...

Good article and yes that atomic crunch is a great article.

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RBixbyG said...

After a lower back injury back in 2007, I have gotten in the habit of doing abdominal work just about every day. I am sometimes concerned about over working my abs and not allowing them to rest. Is this a valid concern or should I keep including abs in my daily routines?

Jim said...

For RBixbyG: Just workout your abs 3 times a week, it's enough and don't forget that they're a muscle group just like biceps, triceps, etc so yes, they need rest.
Just keep in mind that hundreds of reps won't give you a six-pack if you're not eating correctly.