Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Surviving Disaster" TV show

Who knows more about surviving disaster than a Navy SEAL? Surviving Disaster, on Spike TV, is hosted by former Navy SEAL Cade Courtley. Cade and I go back to 1996 when we both served in SEAL Team TWO. His locker was next to mine when he was the AOIC (assistant officer in charge) of my sister platoon. A good guy and a hard worker. I'm so Fired Up for his success! Teammates, I'll be watching tonight -- HOOYAH Courtley!


Cade Courtley's photo courtesy of imdb


Unknown said...

I try to catch it when I can. Survival is in all our genes.

MadMaxMMA on Twiter

Joe G. said...

Major stud.

Spike TV and Max are what got me interested in MMA.

We'll be looking forward to this.

AKO said...

This is a great idea. People need a show to prepare them for tough times. I can't wait till he does an episode on a Perfect Fitness workout session. I would say that would be a good season finale, cuz that is one of the toughest things a person can go through. lol

Joe G. said...

AKO - If he can perform a Perfect Pushup Close Chair position 26-14-10 two-minute drill (aka "chair torture") with PERFECT form, we should let him join Team Perfect.