Thursday, September 24, 2009

Perfect Monster Arms: Take 2!

Build "PERFECT MONSTER" arms FAST with these cool exercises! The "Guns." The "Pythons." "Thunder and Lighting." The "Rockweillers." -- there is no other muscle group that has earned more nicknames than the biceps!

Bulging biceps - every guy wants them and gals, no worries, because while your arms will get "PERFECT"ly sexy, you just don't have the required problem of fast growth that the guys do. You all will just get lean and hot hot hot! Gents, if your arm growth has hit a rut... your gains are coming to a screeching halt... or maybe you're just plain bored with your arm exercises, then I've got some insane, new exercises - specifically to grow your guns - that will not only give your arms a shock but will electrify your motivation again. Here are the “The Best PERFECT Arm Exercises You've Never Heard Of."

Like a pullup (palms facing your face) but your heels are on the floor and the bar lower so your biceps are fully engaged! Like you're about to lay on your back but that's just the angle you need, no back on the ground! You can do both regular as well as reverse curls! "IT'S ALL GOOD." But you're holding on to the chinup bar holding your body up using your biceps. It may sound easy but try it one hand at a time! Then add reverse curls to the mix. That bracing technique is just your heels on the floor to aid the movement! It's a bodyweight exercise for your biceps that LOOKS like a chin-up but uses a special "bracing" technique to put almost ALL your bodyweight directly onto your BICEPS. Imagine the growth you'll get with THAT much resistance going directly onto your BIs!

Try using the handles on the perfect pullup turning your palms out as you do a push up at an angle so the bar is low and perpendicular to the floor. The wide perfect pushups work for this movement too! A breakthrough in tricep contractions, this exercise targets the most anatomically-possible contracted position of the muscle with body weight. Get ready for it because I guarantee you've never felt a tricep contraction this hard in your entire life. Just using your "PERFECT PUSHUP" wide grip with a partner pushing on your shoulders or weighted vest "DOING MANY" (grins) (keep a count in your note book)!

Doing the standard Curls with both arms you can slowly work your way to one arm. If you do it right tests your strength, balance, coordination and determination. It can be extremely difficult to do but the results are totally worth it. Not only does it increase muscle activation in the biceps, it gives your grip a tremendous workout as well!

We do a morning training ritual called "MONSTER MASH" where we just set up a number of different exercises in a row fast! Setup time is sometimes an issue when you're training. This great tricep exercise is a mash-up between close-grip push-ups and bodyweight tricep extensions. The key is how you do them in a rack to basically spring-load the tension onto your TRIs. Very quick to do but brutal! Using the perfect pullup bar at a low angle to do pushups with your weight 70% on bar/on ground on feet 30%. Again, it sounds easy but mix in one handers!

Have the perfect pullup bar facing directly in front of you holding it with hands & using your wrists to affect forearms. Again sounds easy until you use more of an angle & then one handers! (it's all in the wrists) but be careful, the forearms weaken fast. I assure you that you will feel this one quick! Like the same movement as using a dumbell wrist curl using the turning handles to attack all angles of the forearms!

This unique version of the wrist curl adds a new dimension of tension...instead of just doing a plain old wrist curl, you'll also be supporting your bodyweight on your forearms to increase the tension. This position also gives you natural "occlusion training" (which is basically limiting the blood flow out of a muscle while training in order to increase hormonal growth factors in the area). If you've ever had trouble building forearms, this exercise might just hold the key for you...

So here's the deal...

I’m desperate for new exercises. As a result I've gotten "HOOYAH" creative............... If you've got access to "perfect products" and bodyweight, you'll be able to use the VAST majority of these exercises. I think once you've tried these examples, you'll be hooked...

HOOYAHS & Cya at the gun show,"carpe diem"-- NUFF SAID

CM SEAL Team blogger: Marcus Colburn

Teammates, stay tuned for CM SEAL blogger Mike Ryan -- you want to put on weight in all the right places, in all the right ways -- he'll tell you how! And Marcus, when are you going to do a YouTube for all the Teammates who'd like to see this live?! HOOYAH!!


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