Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Link Your Passion & Your Purpose

Here's the formula: follow your passion and link it with a purpose . This is not rocket science folks - it's just hard work. It’s easier, though, when the work you’re doing is work that fires you up. One of my life’s passions is fitness – it has transformed my life from the days of being an asthmatic, sickly little kid to an adult with the confidence and courage to pursue what matters most to me in my life. Passion is a great start, and I would argue an absolute must for those considering embarking on a mission. But passion alone won’t be enough firepower for you when the going gets tough. You need to link this passion with a purpose, and the stronger the link, the stronger your resolve.

In the case of starting Perfect Fitness, and not quitting when we were down to the last few dollars, my purpose was wanting to tell my children to follow their dreams, just like their dad. If I failed and turned over every single stone so doing, then fine. But we hadn’t turned over every stone, even with the few dollars left, and under that next stone was the Perfect Pushup. I created a link so strong that failure just wasn’t an option. I could recite hundreds of SEAL stories where SEALs had a similar mentality on their missions and they found a way to succeed because they had built such a strong sense of purpose with their passion, that their persistent action was overwhelming fire superiority for anyone in their way. That’s exactly what I want you to think about:

• what’s your passion?
• create your purpose
• take persistent, unrelenting action to accomplish your mission

More to come, but I want to plant this seed with you now, because life is too short not to follow your dreams!



Jim said...

Thanks for the motivation Alden, it comes right on time since it's not a "pleasant" week for me.

Unknown said...

Thanks again for all the excellent advice. I'm 62 years of age, retired federal law enforcement officer and work out daily. I believe that pushups and pullups, along with squats and stretching, are the very best exercises one can do. Even though I'm a member of a gym, none of the machines offer anything better that your weight bearing functional exercise program. Sometimes, I think my club membership is a waste of money. Keep up the good work, maintain your online advice for all members.

Alden Mills said...

Wayne, you have no idea how much it Fires Me UP to read how much you appreciate our excellent advice. Roger: maintain our online advice -- that's our mission!

CHARLIE MIKE Wayne! Please send your story -- and your pictures -- to the CM Teammates are standing by to hear from you!!

RBixbyG said...

I am an average guy in every way. I am average height (5”11), average weight (200lbs) and an average athlete. But even average guys are passionate about certain things. I have three passions in life: my two sons, my wife, and snow skiing and all three passions meet at Lake Tahoe for at least 30 days per winter. My fitness goals are dictated by these passions. My sons are 8 and 5 and both have been skiing since they were three. Both are members of a ski team and it has become quite obvious to this 40 year old desk jockey that if I want to ski WITH my sons rather than behind them, I need to keep my body in shape. In addition, these same goals are motivated by my desire to make it through the ski season injury free. Fatigue causes sloppy skiing and sloppy skiing leads to being taken down the hill on sled by some 20 year old ski patroller!
With that in mind, I have developed my own Perfect Circuit. This is my favorite workout as it hits most major muscle groups and it gives you the feeling that you are ready for the snow. I start by hitting play on a Warren Miller DVD. After a quick stretch, I do FOUR sets of the following circuit:
10 minutes on the Skier’s Edge
25 Perfect Pushups
Max Out on Perfect Pullups
15 Crunches using the Perfect Pullup Ab Straps
20 Flutter Kicks
I end the work out with 10 squats, 15/leg lunges, and maxing out on dips with the Perfect Dip Bar.
See ya on the slopes!

Alden Mills said...

HOOYAH Bixby! Awesome pre-season ski circuit – thanks for sharing and Fired Up to try it (yes, I have a Skier’s Edge too, fantastic functional ski machine)!

CHARLIE MIKE (and pray for snow!)