Monday, September 21, 2009

What's Your Input and Output?

Teammates, losing your love-handles and losing 10lbs means you need to focus on two things: Output and Input. Output is the number of calories you burn in a given 24 hr period, and Input is the number of calories you eat in a given 24 hr period.

• Make sure you’re conducting some long cardio workouts – run/jog/fastwalk, bike, swim – whatever, at least three 60 min sessions a week where your pace should be where you can speak 10 words or so before taking a breath.
• Secondly, make sure when you conduct your bodyweight exercises – pushups/crunches/squats/lunges/pullups (this is all you need) – you should progressively make them harder, to the point of muscle failure (form failure). This will help you build muscle which will in turn raise your metabolism (your ability to burn more calories at rest in a 24 hr period).

• A simple formula is to eat for your target weight. For example: let's say you’re 210lbs, but your target weight is 200lbs – then you’d multiply your target weight by 10 for 2000 calories per day.
• Now if you’re ramping up the muscle building exercises and trying to really build more muscle, you’ll need to supplement more protein and should also consult with a nutritionist (which I am not). Eat more often but in smaller amounts – try eating 6 meals a day to stave off hunger pains.
Drink half your body wt in fluid ounces of water/day (e.g. you weigh 200lbs, then drink 100 floz of water/day).

Most importantly, don’t you dare ever give up! Stay Fired UP and let me know how it goes!



Unknown said...


The only thing I would add to this is "Active Rest".

Complete rest is a chance to make people lazy.


Jim said...

So true Alden, if only people could stick to this simple yet EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE way of thinking.
I wonder how many persons stop tothink for a minute on how they're going to burn off this big plate of steak & potatoes that is lying right in front of them, is this amount really necessary? Am I so physically tired so as to deserve such a big meal or dessert?
It's important to think that nowadays food is abundant and we don't need to stalk it for hours in the cold.
This combined with procrastinating on WHEN to start a PROPER dietary program result in a big percentage of over-weight people.
By the way I feel that the term "diet" has a rather negative effect on everyone (even me and I'm thin). I prefer saying "proper nutrition" since that's what it's all about.

AKO said...

well said Jim.

Jim said...

Thank you AKO, I'm pretty sure it's been said before so probably I'm just repeating it! :)