Saturday, December 26, 2009

Former SEAL on Fitness in your Fifties

Teammates, A SEAL from BUD/S class 57 has a lifetime of fitness to celebrate! 2010 is ONE WEEK away -- what is your fitness mission for this coming decade? There is no "I" in Team -- share your stories so we all can benefit! AMM

"SEAL76 - I am a former SEAL BUDS CLASS 57 SEAL TEAM ONE 1970-1973. I have been exercising since I was in high school and continue to do so. I am 58 years old and in better shape than guys half my age. Having been a SEAL taught me that you have to work hard to stay in shape but the results are worth every bit of the effort it takes.

Slogging through the Delta in Vietnam was a lot less difficult because of our daily PTs, runs, and swims. I don't have to do that any more but being in shape allows me to do yard work, snow shoveling, furniture moving and the daily tasks that call for a healthy body. Fitness has served me well as a public school classroom teacher. It not only keeps me going on tough days but provides an outlet for the frustrations that all teachers have to deal with. Your article should motivate young and old alike. HOOYAH!"


* Picture from wikipedia: Members of U.S. Navy SEAL Team One move down the Bassac River in a Seal team Assault Boat (STAB) during operations along the river south of Saigon, November 1967.


Joe G. said...

These stories are a great inspiration.

Y'all have no idea. THANK YOU.

By the way, Santa Claus brought me a nice bumper sticker:

"Guns don't kill pirates - U.S. Navy SEALs kill pirates"

The pirates' lawyers are going to accuse me of using hate speech. After examining my conscience, YES. I HATE PIRATES.

Sue me.

The sticker is proudly displayed on the rear right-side bumper of my car.

My wife doesn't get it. (Women: Can't live with 'em - can't live w/o 'em!)


Unknown said...

Plan for the next decade.

Waist at 38"
Mile Swim time under 20 minutes

And to consistently make a positive impact in the lives of my friends and my community.

Great job Alden!


Alden Mills said...

Joe, my Twitter bud @jtdsurf sent me his LAST sticker in honor of the SEALs! I put it up on the wall above my desk. It's like a Box score; Says: NAVY SEALS 3 PIRATES 0

Good to hear from you Drew! Keep me posted on your progress!! Teammates, Drew was my former assistant officer in charge of my third platoon.