Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Navy Flyboy Nate & the PP Mobile

Teammates, a Perfect Team member gave a Perfect Pushup Mobile to Nate, a friend who is a Naval aviator: his letter is below. Since we can't share his last name, picture or location, we're borrowing Hollywood's most famous Navy flyer! Perfect Fitness has donated Perfect products to every ship in the fleet and it fires us all up to hear from our sailors -- so please fire off a message to

"Thank you sincerely for the Perfect Pushup travel set that you gave to me - I use it every day and love it! Like everyone else, finding time to work-out seems impossible sometimes, and the convenience of the PP set solves that issue to a great extent. I've had multiple friends who have seen it at my house and subsequently gone and purchased their own. Also, the travel set has been great for working out on the aircraft carrier (I'm in the Navy) because of it being so light and compact.

Additionally, as a pilot, I try to focus on core muscle groups to help with G-tolerance, and the PP has helped a lot. Again, I really appreciate your generosity and will encourage others to use your product any opportunity I get

Thanks Nate! Teammates, I'm re-running my thirty day/lose 10 pound plan on Twitter @aldenmills -- why wait for 2010 to get in shape?



AKO said...

that's a great idea to give the sailors the PPUs. now they can keep up their regiments at sea.

Joe G. said...

December 2 - TODAY - 30 days until the end of the year. It's a race to the finish line!

Thanks for making my 2009 one of the best years ever.