Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Perfect Pullup & Olympic Barbell

Teammates -- Here's a question perfect for Marcus Colburn (and Thank You for keeping us on our toes with these challenging questions! AMM). Common sense warning: Marcus Colburn aka Mojo Frog is a former Navy SEAL and an extreme athlete and professional trainer. Make sure you adapt his ideas to your fitness level and have a Swim Buddy (aka spotter!) to work with.

Would the pullup handles fit around an Olympic barbell? I have an Olympic barbell set, and squat rack, and would want to use the Perfect Pullup through there, and I want to know if it would fit, before I decide to order. Thank you for your time. Here's Mojo Frog!

As far as the perfect handles working on a barbell...

It does & will work on a barbell set as well as a squat rack as long as you do the exercises that they can be used safely for like...BACK WORK, as well as TRAPWORK. Doing shrugs, bent over rows & anything like that ... don't get the hooks in a position so they come loose by raising it the wrong way or too high. One just has to make it so the extension from the hook to the handle doesn't get in your way. And there is an open end to the hook themselves that you have to be wary of! Just takes common sense. Just be safe because once you raise the bar over your head the handles don't make sense.





Mojo Frog

P.S. Teammates, here's a quick health bulletin. It turns out that I need to have my cast on for 8 more weeks.. but that's not going to stop me. I just work on my stretching, ab work & lots of legs.. hams, quads, calves. I still practice tai chi chuan. This activity & diet is sure to help me watch my (girl-ish figure) since no one else does...grins!

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AKO said...

yea...when we first ordered the Perfect Pullup, we were about to change apartments, so we didn't install the Perfect Pullup bar until we moved to our new place. So for about two weeks we brought our handles to the weight room at school, and hung them on the squat rack to do the sets.