Thursday, December 31, 2009

Get Fired Up for 2010!

Teammates, I want you to Get Fired Up for 2010 - and prove it by dreaming up some stretch goals. Set three goals - personal, professional, and physical. Here are mine:

* Personal - write a book;
* Professional - launch Perfect in 6 countries;
* Physical - my wife and I are going to do an Olympic length triathlon.

Don't miss this opportunity to start the New Year off on the right foot - write'em down - make a plan, and TAKE ACTION!

What are yours? I've heard from Joe and AKO -- check in and put up your resolutions!



1 comment:

AKO said...

I gave my physical.

My personal goals are to trust my instincts more, and to foster a great relationship with my Perfect Fitness teammates.

My professional goal is to get a 37T on my MCAT exam at the end of the month, and get everything squared away for medical school.