Monday, December 7, 2009

Pearl Harbor Attack, Dec 7, 1941

Teammates – Sixty-eight years ago today was the attack on Pearl Harbor. Nine ships of the U.S. fleet were sunk and the overall death toll reached 2,350. The battleship Arizona alone lost 1,117 military personnel. As I have said before, probably one of the more over-used terms today is “on a mission” but what does it really mean? I want to define the true term, because once you appreciate it, you’ll think about it in a whole new light.

In the military, On a Mission literally means in harm’s way, and in SEAL Team on a mission meant doing whatever it takes to get it done – including if absolutely unavoidable, the ultimate sacrifice. Sixty-eight years ago, there were men and women out there willing to die for a good greater than themselves.

Today let us honor the memory of the brave men and women of Pearl Harbor. They were willing to die to complete a mission and their sacrifice will never be forgotten.


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