Monday, October 19, 2009

Definition of a Mission

It's CHARLIE MIKE's Two Year Anniversary! Get ready for a week of Defining a Mission, updates from the CM SEAL Team bloggers and a few surprises!

Teammates – probably one of the more over-used terms today is “on a mission” but what does it really mean? Does it stand for getting a couple of cold beers at an over-crowded bar or perhaps finding a coveted toy before it disappears off the shelves mid-December? I want to define the true term, because once you appreciate it, you’ll think about it in a whole new light.

In the military, On a Mission literally means in harm’s way, and in SEAL Team on a mission meant doing whatever it takes to get it done – including if absolutely unavoidable, the ultimate sacrifice … so why are there men and women out there willing to die to complete a mission? Because they have linked to a purpose so strong – so powerful – so much bigger than themselves, that they are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Now imagine if you pursued your goals with similar purpose – imagine if you linked a purpose so powerful to your goal that you’d take on overwhelming odds to accomplish it – what would you accomplish?

It’s been often said that a goal is a dream with a deadline attached to it – but a mission – well that’s a goal with a purpose welded to it!

As you decide your next goals in life – first start by deciding their purpose – when you recognize a purpose worth giving it everything you got, then you’ve found your mission.

Go after it and never quit!



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