Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rugby's Clark on Olympic Ruling

Teammates, here's Cal coach Jack Clark's reaction to the great news that Rugby is once again an Olympic sport! "I got the word at about 4am Friday morning from pals who were in Copenhagen for the IOC's decision. I thought about opening some champagne but it was early even for a rugger.

I've been telling everybody they'll have to excuse our pride for a few days, all of us in the rugby community are over-the-top with rugby's inclusion back into the Olympic Games. We've been working towards this for quite some time and now that's its happened it almost seems surreal. Olympic status is a great boost for our sport, especially in countries like ours in America where rugby is played as a minor sport. Olympic acceptance is important for the sports credibility on university and high school campuses. There is no denying the power of those five rings, and the USOC will be a tremendous partner to help take U.S. rugby to the next level.

Unfortunately, the IOC cut baseball and softball from the Games, two strong U.S. sports, but those ball-diamond sports aren't world sports to the extent of the replacement sports of rugby and golf. I believe rugby 'sevens' will become among the most popular of Olympic participation sports.

Also, rugby reentering the Olympics has special meaning to us at Cal. Partly because six of our students won rugby Olympic Gold in the 1920 and 1924 Games. It's now my job to increase our number of rugby Olympians and I confident we'll do so."

Jack Clark
Team Perfect Athlete Ambassador

A special HOOYAH to Marketing Coordinator Julie Erickson, who reached out to Coach Clark as soon as the decision was announced! Thanks Jules!


Stay tuned for Tom Rancich's reaction to this -- as always, my SEAL Team swim buddy (and rugby player) Tom has a unique perspective!

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Joe G. said...

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