Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Get Football F I T!

Football season is here, and I couldn't be happier. I grew up in Chicago as a die hard Bear fan. Sundays was all about “da Bears”. With football come the chips and dip, the beer, the dogs and not much activity. And with the holidays fast approaching, now is not the time to shift into neutral. Now is the time to pick up the intensity; now is the time to train the body to burn calories all day and night. I enjoy beer, I enjoy my chips and guac. But I also understand moderation and balance. I eat what ever I choose, but in moderation. Instead of 8 or 10 beers I'll have three. Instead of maxing out on a bag of Doritos, I'll just have a few handfulls. I also understand that calories-in needs to be balanced with calories-out. If I indulge, which I do, I will make the next workout longer and harder. If I know I will be enjoying myself a little more than usual, then I will give myself a very intense workout.

What am I talking about? A full-body, fast paced workout that targets every muscle. Using multiple muscles groups in the same exercise burns more calories, raises metabolism and strengthens the heart. With each REPETITION! If you are still doing a traditional body building work out and not getting results, it is time to change. Your body is bored. Time to shock the body using Perfect Pushups, Perfect Pullups and a jump rope. It’s all you need. Want more ideas?
• Grab light dumbbells and do a squat stand curl.
• Using a band or cable, perform a squat to standing row.
• Lunge with a bi-cep curl. Multi task!

The more muscle I engage, the more I burn. The more I move, the more I can enjoy. We must continue to increase the demands on the body to avoid plateaus. I use the F.I.T. principle.
• Frequency (how many),
• Intensity (how hard),
• Time (how long).
We must increase one, if not all, to continue getting results we desire. More times per week. Work harder. Go longer. FIT principle will be talked in a future blog. So enjoy, but then move, and move with passion!

Guest blogger: Marty Heilman
Please look me up if you’re near Cardiff By The Sea, on the beach. Can you say paradise? Location: EZIA HUMAN PERFORMANCE. E.Z. Intelligent Athletics. Simple but smart!


Marvin said...

I've got about 100 pounds to lose and t.v. is one of my biggest challenges because I tend to inhale food when I'm watching -- thanks for the encouragement.

Alden Mills said...

Marvin -- thanks for checking in! Could you drop me a line at How else could Team Perfect provide encouragement and support?


Jim said...

Yeah, TV can be very dangerous in terms of eating unhealthy snacks and in large quantities. I used to do it too but now I've switched to eating healthier snacks (and only when I'm feeling hungry).
So far I allow myself to eat ONLY when I'm hungry (tough but it's actually a mind game).
You can try munching on slices of carrots/cucumber sprinkled over with some vinegar instead of having potato chips.
I used to carry some extra kg when I was much younger/sedentary too (about 16 years old) and then I thought "do I wanna keep on doing this"? That was the point I changed my life style.
Many of my buddies during military service gained 5-10kg because of boredom, there was nothing to do so as for us to stay involved and most people kept eating all the time and smoked heavily (3 packs/day), I on the other hand was the only person to hit the pullup bars no matter what the weather.

So, when you're feeling hungry drink a glass of water (of which you should drink much daily) and if hunger is still there then have a small serving (try keeping it healthy), get rid of fatty foods/chokolates/beverages and may I recommend you visiting the super market on a full stomach (this way you may stay away from unhealthy snacks/fatty foods).
As a last piece of advice "eat slowly" this way you allow your stomach time to "shut the hunger switch down".
You can do it (as long as you put your mind into it), we're all by your side.

coach marty said...

great advise Jim, I love your ideas. Making smart choices is key to living a healthy lifestyle.
Marvin, we are here for you brother. You are not alone! Learn to break that habit. Stock your house with healthy foods, throw out the junk. When feeling a craving coming on, get up and move. Walk, ride a bike, just get active. Eat healthy, feel healthy. Eat junk, feel like junk. Your body likes to move. It likes to be fit. Thats why we feel so good after exercise. You can and WILL lose those 100lbs. Believe. I am here to help. let me know what I can do to motivate you to reach your goals.

Joe G. said...
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Joe G. said...

Oops - I commented on the wrong thread. We love Marty.

Unknown said...

hey its james carrillo,marty you used to coach and train at my school. was lookin up some more workouts to use in my gym im excited to use some of this in my classes. any more upper body suggestions???

coach marty said...

James Carrillo,

How are you my friend? How is cousin Tony? Glad to hear from you and that your still training. Remember, I am a body weight guy. I love to blast through my work outs or "fun" outs with intesity and passion using mostly my own body weight.

James, for you the key is training like an athlete. Use your speed and explosiveness in your work outs.

Warm up with dynamic movements like we gid in wresltling. ( when James was in middle school ).

Then, push ups, pull ups and plometrics for lower body.
choose any: repetitions is form to faliure. As many as you can do keeping good form.
Push ups:
Feet wide/ hands wide
stagger hands
hands close
hands out in front
remember macarana?
dive bombers
feet elevated
saty low, shift weight side to side
wide gripe
narrow grip
down under( lay under bar, pull up )
jump up to high bar and pull, land and jump up again, every time.
chin up (palms facing in)
rope pull ups using cable tri rope
using same rope, pull down on one side, then the other. Move fast, one hand high the other low. rope slides on pull up bar.
Plyo's: Land light, land soft. Landings are seen but not heard!
squat jumps
jumping lunges
box jumps, onto a box
depth jumps, land and jump right back up. form to faliure

Go from ont right to another.

Unknown said...

alright thanks marty. ive still kept alot of that same mentality using my own body weight and force. im doin very good training constantly when not in my EMT classes at NAU. tony is doin good he joined the army instead of collage went MP's graduates 11-20-09.