Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Mission of CHARLIE MIKE

My name is Alden Mills and I started this blog while I was on a new mission in my life – moving slowly from one peak in my life (as a platoon commander of Navy SEALs) to a new peak as an entrepreneur. The “valley” I encountered between those peaks reminded me of other valleys that I have endured during my life. Though the mission may be different, the tools to succeed remain the same … and that’s the purpose of this blog – to share with you those tools of mission success, so you are empowered to encourage others to go after their own missions – that is – their own purpose-driven goals.

I named this blog CHARLIE MIKE after the SEAL Team radio call sign for CONTINUE MISSION. I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done – we all face dark valleys in our lives and when we do, we are faced with a decision: quit or forge ahead – that is, Continue Mission. It’s our hope that the words shared on CHARLIE MIKE will inspire you to Continue your Mission. It takes a team to accomplish a mission – and we’re here to help … God only knows we’re received more than our fair share of help from teammates over the years.

If you find success, we’ll hope you’ll share it so others may benefit – for there is no great success than helping others succeed.



Unknown said...


MadMaxMMA on twitter

AKO said...

here here...this blog is one of the most consistently inspirational things I have had a chance to be a part of. keep em coming.

Joe G. said...

I owe these people - all of 'em - from Marty to Max to...my fingers are tired. I can't type anymore. I gotta corner Stew Smith and get him to explain his treason.

Alden Mills said...

Joe -- you sure you want to corner former SEAL Stew Smith? Teammates, get ready for Stew Smith's CHARLIE MIKE guide to getting your kids ready to ace the Presidential Fitness awards. It'll be a multi-parter -- with the first one running next week!


Joe G. said...

FYI, Mr. Mills -
My P. Pushup Max is NOW NEAR 40. That traitor can't touch me!!

Jim said...

LOL! You're such a teaser Joe, you just never give up man! hahahah