Friday, October 2, 2009

Where in the World? India

Sean Glass checking in again. Working out on the road takes discipline. The excuses are easy... Too tired, not enough space in the hotel, the gym is old, I'm jet lagged. But once you do, you feel great, and get more out of your trip. The nice thing about doing a quick workout with the Perfect Pushup is exactly that - it's quick...and you get a solid workout, and sometimes, you even get to do it while looking out at the Taj Mahal -- there it is in the background :-). The pictures with me actually doing pushups came out too dark (hard to take a picture out a window without a good flash setup which I don't have with me).

Almost any place we go that is "exotic" or "famous" has very strict security (we live in the age of terrorism), so I've been wary of carrying the perfect pushups with me lest I cause an international incident! Understandably, they're really security conscious in India. We even had to get frisked to go into a mall in Hyderabad today.

We started our around the world trip July 9th and we're planning to be back in the United States December 18th, 2009. You can follow Kellee and my progress at or by following me on twitter @seanglass. I may go several days without internet access, so thanks for being patient. I'm trying to keep up with email as best I can while savoring the trip!

Sean Glass

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Joe G. said...

If you don't have much time to work out, try 10-15 minutes of the 8-count body builder. Guaranteed to kick your butt.