Monday, August 31, 2009

Pushup is an Active Plank

Where in the world is the Perfect Plank? Teammates, Sean Glass has checked in with a picture of him pushing out Perfect Pushups on deck -- that's the Aegean Sea you see! (No Walking the Plank jokes teammates). I asked a journalist interviewing me the other day whether she had done her pushups before she called. Negative! So I asked her if she did yoga. Which she did ... which allowed me to point out that a Pushup is just an Active Plank, a move well-known to yoga practioners.

Here's how to do a Perfect Plank Pose, courtesy of CM Teammate Stew Smith (author and demonstrator!).

Plank Pose – Keep your back straight and abs tight while placing your elbows and toes on the floor and holding for as long as you can. Build up to 1:00 minute. Advanced is 3-5:00.

Plank Pose advanced – Pushup – Up Position – Tighten abs and keep your back straight. If shoulders bother you or arms are not built up – do this same exercise on your elbows where only your elbows and toes are touching.

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Jim said...

Aegean? Cool! Yes, the plank is tough but works.

AKO said...

Aegean? Jealous! lol

Joe G. said...

When are we going?

Jim said...

We can have a "Team Perfect expedition". hahahah

Pushups, swimming, running and then chilling out at bars!

By the way the Aegean archipelagos is great but you'll get most of it if you visit it by boat so you can visit lots of islands and isolated coves which are inaccessible by car.

Marvin said...

I'm one of those guys who would've been laughed out of boot camp. At 300 pounds I'm starting my quest for fitness and your blog is very motivating to me. Thanks!

Alden Mills said...

Marvin -- HOOYAH for starting your fitness journey! Please send an email to so we can continue this conversation.