Monday, August 3, 2009

A Sound Body Is Important

CM SEAL Team blogger: Marcus Colburn

We used to have a saying in BUD/S: "YOUR BODY CAN DO 10 TIMES THE WORK THAN YOUR MIND." Only what we didn't mention was the fact that when you realize how much more your body can handle than your mind thinks you can, you automatically set the bar higher, resulting in great advances in achievements!

Taking care of your body is an important facet of taking care of your mind and soul. Study after study has linked the importance of exercise in preventing chronic disease including Alzheimers, dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases that shorten your lifespan, zap your energy, decrease your quality of life and in some cases also lower your self esteem.

"PERFECT" products are valuable resources to help you maintain...a sound body and a sound mind: NUFF SAID!


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