Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eating Plan for Recovery

Teammates, Michael G asked, "What is the best eating plan for recovery? I find that after my workouts it takes me at least two to three days to recover and even then I am pushing it a bit." Well Michael, first and foremost, I'm no dietician but I'll tell you what works for me -- eat for your target weight. The right foods and 8 glasses of water daily help, but stretching is also key to recovery. I've printed out my Twitter Operation Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days workout. The food rules I'm following are:

1. Eating for my target weight. My goal weight is 220 pounds. Multiply that by 10 = 2,200 calories per day.
2. Four to six small meals a day
3. 8 glasses of water per day
4. Limit white carbs [like white bread!]
5. Reduce beer intake
6. No sweets

DAY 10 - Cardio/leg: 30 min of running followed by 100 squats and 60 lunges - dropping sweets and still reducing white carbs.

DAY 9 - PUSH/PULL: 80 combo curls followed by military presses (20lbs each arm); 160 pushups; 40 pull/chinups - limiting white carbos.

DAY 8 - CARDIO/LEG Day: 40 minutes of running; 100 squats (regular; wide and on toes); 80 lunges (rev/fwd/side2side) - no white carbos!

OPERATION LOSE 10LBS food rules: eating for my target weight: 220 - multiply by 10 = 2200 kcal/day. 4-6 small meals/day limiting white carbs

DAY 7 - WEIGH IN (rest day): Day 1 results: 231.4lbs; Day 7 results: 228.7lbs...time to reduce beer intake even more and increase water!

DAY 6 - PUSH/PULL: 20 pullups;20 chinups; 100 pushups; 40 (40lb) military presses; 60combo curls to overhead press - drank water..and beer.

DAY 5 - Cardio and leg workout: 3.5 mile run (pushing 60 lb two-yr old); 100 squats; 40 lunges - forward and reverse; drinking 8 gls water

DAY 4 - Push/Pull - Goal: 40 pullups 40 chinups 160 pushups and dips - drink 8 glasses of water!

OPERATION LOSE 10LBS RULES - 1. Workout 6 days/wk 2. Alternate Legs/ Cardio with Push/Pull wkouts 3. Cut out white carbos 4. Weigh-in weekly

DAY 3 of OP LOSE 10LBS - Legs and Cardio - 3 mile run pushing 60lb stoller (with son) and 100 squats 60 combo curls (40lbs)

DAY 2 total: 60 ups 140 pushups 3 mile walk.

DAY 2 of OP LOSE 10 LBS: Push/Pull day so far today: 30 pullups/chinups 60 pushups - more to follow...

DAY 1 - First workout: 30 min jog (with dog) - 100 squats - 60 combo curls to military presses at 40lbs

DAY 1 - On a mission to lose 10 pounds over the next 30 days - here's the plan 6 workouts a week and limit beer consumption!

Teammates, chime in if you have some great advice for Michael!


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Joe G. said...

We're counting on you, Team Leader!

I just saw the new site with the info. about the new P. Pushup product and I am TOTALLY PSYCHED about it. Santa Claus is DEAD if I don't get one of these babies!