Thursday, August 13, 2009

Power 10 Pushup Workouts

Teammates, here's a question I'm often asked, "When is the best time to go beyond the basic Perfect Pushup workout and incorporate the more advanced moves? How will I know I'm ready?"

There's no right answer, because you could start immediately with a couple of the exercises (such as Mountain Climbers and the Super Slow series)...but my belief is after you can do 10 Perfect Pushups you're ready to start trying all the exercises. Spending time strengthening your shoulders (and rotator cuffs) is essential before attempting the more complex exercises. Most fellas have spent a fair amount of time doing conventional pushups or bench presses - good exercises, but they're not completely functional because they don't enable your arms to conduct the full natural rotation. So it's important to spend at least three workouts (assuming they are full body PERFECT PUSHUPS) getting used to the rotation before attempting the Power 10 exercises.

One note, I would not attempt any of the Power 10 exercises if you're currently doing only on-your-knee pushups. There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing knee pushups, but the Power 10 moves make the assumption that you've mastered the three basic movements (Regular, Wide, and Close) in the full body position.

One more thing, once you start incorporating the Power 10 moves into your workouts, you'll notice strength gains, especially if you've plateaued on your workouts - it's excellent to switch up your exercises and Power 10 has exactly the movements to help you take it to the next level.


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