Monday, August 10, 2009

Deck of Cards Workout

Using a deck of shuffled cards is a great way to break up the boredom of working out while getting a great workout - I used to do it all the time in SEAL Team - and still do from time to time when travelling or looking to change up my current routine.

Here's a couple of ideas to keep your deck of cards workout interesting while ripping up your chest for an even better workout with the Perfect Pushup:

Spades: Wide position
Hearts: Close position
Clubs: Regular position
Diamonds: Wide position but reverse the rotation (i.e. rotate out on the way down to the ground)
When you draw an Ace - conduct your set with your feet on a chair.

[See your PPU workout chart for details on positions]

Travelling light? A deck of cards + the Perfect Pushup Mobile = an on-the-road workout of just over two pounds!


Picture of cards used with permission of Puzzle Me This.


Jim said...

What's the number of reps per type of card you did in the teams?

Joe G. said...


I think Alden's eating pizza and doesn't have time to answer.


It's random. Play with it. Set aside your time for the workout (an hour, for example). You draw a jack. That's 10, just like poker. You draw a king or queen - ditto. Draw an ace, as he said, go to the chair. He didn't say but I think that's 10 also. Since you're on the chair it's a lot harder.

Make it fun.

Throw down the card and do what it tells you to do.

Charlie Mike!

Jim said...

Thanks Joe, I actually mixed up various versions I read through but here's mine for my Wednesday's (today's) workout.
I assigned the folowing: Diamonds/close grip, Hearts/regular, Spades/wide, Clubs/Power-punch. I started the workout doing 4 times the number of the card but after the first 16 cards (I was unlucky cause I got all the big ones in the beginning)I decided it was too much for an hour's session and finished the rest of the deck doing times 3 the number of the card. I used the jokers for 100 abs each and Aces have a face value of 11; all was done in one hour! You do the math!

I'm tired and although I've just had lunch I'd like some pizza!

Alden Mills said...

Teammates -- an over-the-transom comment from Matt -- thanks Matt!

Hey, What card game is that? It sounds really fun like what game is it that you all have to do it --is it like a poker game or is it you just draw the cards and do the work out? I found another perfect push up work out. You go on an incline ramp and start up or down, your choice. Then you bust out 10 perfect push ups then you take a step up using your hands with the perfect pushups then bust 10 more then take a step thing and it works. You'll get like 5 reps of 10 per walk then when you get to the top of the ramp you go down. It's fun.