Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get Ready for Ripped Abs

Through following a "PERFECT" diet & exercise program, my abs are showing through like magic! I do a lot of exercises like pullups and dips while holding on to the Perfect Pullup bar in different positions. I need those turning handles because of my injuries and it’s like they were custom made for me! I hold on and do leg lifts on the side, in front, and behind along with squats in between leg lifts. Here’s the magic part. When we work muscles, other muscles are affected and they’re not even the primary ones involved due to the theory, "you can't spot reduce". But it’s all good because leg lifts, sit ups and pushups not only affect those perfect spots, but they result in ripped abs too.

So use that theory of no spot reducing to your advantage and affect your abs. Abs on men are the final piece of the puzzle to make the picture complete. Sure, a big physique can appear intimidating but a well-defined set of abs can be equally intimidating and can make a near-perfect body "perfect". A sculpted stomach on a female can accentuate a smaller waist-to-hip ratio which makes your shoulders appear more rounded and your butt appear more firm and full. Ripped abs are a sign of good health, power and yes, even sexual ability!

And ladies, obviously us men don't like a flat and firm midsection too. If you ever watch a sporting event with athletic females you'll be drawn to the three hot spots of a female body - thighs, butt and abs. And these are three body parts that any woman can modify with a clean diet and effective training (so don't let me catch you day dreaming about artificial enhancement of any kind). Because I know a cheaper, less expensive, less evasive method because I sure don't have much money and I'd rather spend it on other more fun toys! So just spend a mere fraction of the cost of medical modifications on "PERFECT GEAR"!

With perfect products and diet, you will make yourself healthier and stronger as well as ready for anything! True story: I crashed on my bike (spun the back tire out in the sand). When I was at the doctors’ office, one of the nurses mentioned that I was so ripped. I replied, "I was just in training for my next injury.” ‘Nuff said!

Mojo Frog aka Marcus Colburn

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Joe G. said...

I've got my ab straps attached to my Perfect Pullup bar, and I'm leaving them there all day. Thanks for the reminder!