Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Martha's Vineyard Sandy Secrets

Teammates, where in the world is Tom Rancich? He and his VRHabilis partner, Elliott Alder, have been making Martha's Vineyard's South Beach safe for beach lovers.

Nelson Sigelman of the Martha's Vineyard Times published a story on July 2, Navy vets put warmaking training to peaceful use, which featured the US Navy veterans co-owners of VRHabilis. Here are some excerpts:

"A group of Navy veterans have used skills honed over the course of their military careers to remove practice munitions dropped decades ago at former target ranges along South Beach (pictured above). The popular stretch of sand and surf that fronts on the Atlantic Ocean is far removed from the world's conflicts that shaped much of his training, but for Elliott Adler, co-owner of VRHabilis, the cleanup is an opportunity for veterans, some of whom are disabled, to do meaningful work. Tom Rancich, a former Navy SEAL, is a partner in the company and once commanded a specialized unit that included Mr. Adler.

Since April the men and their four employees have worked out of a small trailer parked on the beach. They have methodically moved along the shore searching the underwater terrain for any lost munitions. Safety, for the public and the crew, has been a primary concern. While one diver is in the water another is suited up and ready to assist at all times. Signs warn the public that they are not allowed within a set exclusion zone."

Bravo Zulu Tom and Elliott! Teammates, watch for a repost of one of Tom's popular blogs, "When Did You Last Do a Pushup?"


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