Friday, August 28, 2009

Go for the Gold!

Teammates, there’s lots of buzz lately on the so-called myth of exercise. My thoughts from the frontlines –

Appearance is very important and that's why there is so much money spent on facelifts, liposuction, lip sculpture, and Lap bands and the intense diet industry. But more than the physical body, it has to be mind, body and soul that are trained and nurtured. While it is true that diet is 90% of the weight loss problem, how can one be ready for anything without training for anything like you want the gold! "You can aim high and go for Heaven. Then at least you will fall to the peak of Mt. Everest!"

One has to train because in addition to the mind, body and soul relationship, training can result in pride and satisfaction. That ten percent left as far as that "exercise is bad or not that important" theory has to be giving a full 100% effort for real perfect fitness and satisfaction.

GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mojo Frog aka Marcus Colburn

Have you all checked out my Eat Clean diet? What are you waiting for?

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