Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What do you want on the next version of the 21-day Perfect Pushup chart?

Teammates -- I'm looking for you to push out the envelope for the next generation 21 Day Perfect Pushupworkout. Stronger, harder, faster, deeper, longer -- you tell me what Perfect Pushup Phase II means to you.

Post your comments here or shoot an email to Team Perfect is looking to amp it up!



Unknown said...

I love your perfect pushup and have been following all the exercises and the chart. Thank you very much for creating such amazing products. I am unable to view/load the next generation workout chart from the blog. I clicked on the word "workout" on the July 22nd posting for the next generation workout chart, but the chart that loads is the original chart. Also when I click on the image of the chart image it only shows how to do the different pushups. I am sorry if I am missing the very obvious solution.

Alden Mills said...

Patrick -- thanks for your feedback. What I'm looking for is YOUR input for the next version of the 21-day workout chart that comes with the Perfect Pushup. Not the V2 version.

I'll see if I can get a "back view" of the chart loaded too.

More questions? Keep 'em coming!

Jim said...

Good morning Alden.

How about combining some pyramid workouts containing Perfect Pullups, pushups and dips on one day, alternating with some cardio for the next day, a burnout for the 3rd day, etc?
So for example: M (upper body training), T (cardio or lower body), W (upper body), T (lower body/cardio), F (upper), a couple of days off so as to rest, then a gutcheck on Monday, etc.

AKO said...

To be honest Alden, I like the 21 day system the way it is. This is mainly because it is a good base on which to build harder workouts, using the new and exciting exercises provided on the your various websites, yet is still great as a first workout for beginners new to the Perfect Fitness family.